SEO Tips To Boost Your Sales

Those days when online marketing not existed, businesses use various advertising tactics or personal networking (limited reach) for new customers. But nowadays Search Engine Optimization is amazing technique to rank higher in search engine result page and increase sale. These days when any business website assign task to SEO agency or SEO experts then the client always think about the sales.

A website with good SEO is an automated sales machine that work all day and anytime to make money for any business. If you are ranking in the top 3 results with main keywords, you will surely get highly qualified lead even while you sleep. As per research 50% clicks done on top 3 results in SERP. To rank in top 3 results will surely increase your leads, traffic, and sales from other competitors ranking below you.

SEO Tips to Boost Your Rank

5 SEO tips to Boost Your sales..

  1. Build a solid keyword strategy

Whatever niche you are, always begin with keyword discovery. It is very important to know what people are searching about your product or services. You need to optimize those keywords which are more profitable for your business. You may use tool like Google’s keyword planner and keyword everywhere tool. Filter out those keywords which already having high monthly search volume relevant to your offerings.

  1. Analyze Your Competitor’s Back links

After the keyword research do the back link analysis of competitors. Backlinks are the important rank factor to rank for a keyword. Know about from where your competitors are getting backlinks. What techniques they are using most to generate traffic. A backlink analysis will show what exactly they are doing. This will tell you the sites to reach out for the links.

  1. Internal Linking

Creating internal linking in your content will give little boost to your website. Sometime the website’s admin forget internal linking and focus on building external links from other portals. Remember, internal linking is powerful activity to increase website rank. Check your keywords in SERP and see what content is ranking, so you can include internal links on those keywords.

  1. Start a Blog and keep Posting

If you are running a business via website then it is good to promote via blogs. Create a blog and make high authority by posting amazing and useful content for the your potential customers to build trust. Top pages indexed in SERP have high quality of inbound links compare to lower rank businesses. Orbitmedia in Chicago has 175.94K external backlinks and they are ranking on the top position in SERP.

How you will get backlinks from blogging?

Create very useful content for the visitors

Build strong relationship with other bloggers

Find out where is your targeted audience and join those community or blogs and share your content there.

  1. Build Brand Awareness Publicly

Well known brands and influencers have thousands of natural backlinks. Build brand awareness publicly is a powerful way to get organic backlinks. Here are some ideas for you…

Host events and send press releases

Build relationship with influencers

There are hundreds of tricks can be used for search engine optimization, but I think these tips will surely perform better and good way to start improvement in your website ranking. With ranking higher in the SERP you will get more organic traffic. Good luck!By kshitij|October 13th, 2018

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